Volunteers - we need you!
During COVID19 our volunteer programme is suspended

But please consider joining one of the volunteer programmes working to support the Coronavirus effort.

You can get information by clicking here

  • What will we need in the future

The GMNA needs volunteers to support its activities and spread the word about our organisation.

  • Why do we need volunteers

Volunteers improve and enhance our work helping us to reach even more people.

Volunteers are our eyes and ears "on the ground' keeping us up to date with what's happening, so that we can report to commissioners and decision-makers any feedback, concerns or suggestions.

  • Who could be a volunteer

Our volunteers represent our neuro community. They're often patients, carers, friends or family members of people diagnosed with a neuro condition, injury, illness or disability.

They give their time as and when they can, sharing our social media and working in support of our Cafe Neuro and activities.

They help us to reach people when they're most in need, giving out information on acute wards and rehab units, offering company and support to families and friends. They're sometimes the people sitting next to the bed of a person on the ward or unit, filling the empty hours by helping others.

They attend local events and are active in promoting the need for better support and services.

Their specialist work related skills and experience can help us improve our service to people EG : through appeals and applications.
We need young people living with neuro, to work as part of the GMNA and ensure better NHS provision in the future.  They're the growth group of people living with neuro and local authorities must recognise their needs and those of their support networks.

Young people will take the GMNA forward

So what can you do?

You can contact us here or talk to us at a Cafe Neuro event. You can speak to staff at Trafford INRU or the Floyd Unit Rochdale and they will put you in touch with us.

If you become a GMNA volunteer you'll make a real difference and we thank you.