To find and contact your local NHS visit the official website

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You can also get information about your local GP practices, hospitals, NHS Trusts, CCGs and community services.

We are part of the Neurological Alliance of England if you want information, advice and support from our national body click here

The Gtr Mcr Health and Social Care Partnership is changing the way health and social care is delivered.

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We are board members of Gtr Mcr Neuro Rehab Network  the collaborative partnership of NHS providers of neuro-rehabilitation services in the Greater Manchester region.

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Citizens Advice gives advice, support and information about everything from your rights to benefits. For their website click here

We are concerned about the CAB's links to the Department of Work and Pensions and their work with them to roll out Universal Credit however they still provide a useful support to people seeking help and advice. We suggest that any advice given by CAB about UC be considered not impartial and further advice may be required from other bodies not contracted to the DWP

The government website is clunky and a bit complicated to get around but has all the official advice and information you need IE PIP ESA and the NHS Constitution.

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