Tier 3 - what does it mean

Gtr Manchester is currently in Tier 2 this includes Bolton and Wigan.

Our Covid Level is High.

We will go into Tier 3 from 1 minute past midnight on Friday morning 23rd October 2020.

Details of the new restrictions haven't been confirmed but this poster shows what we might expect to happen.

It means our Covid Level will be Very High.

There may be guidance on shielding and we should be prepared.

  • The Government's information is detailed and complicated but it's important that we follow the rules.
    To find out more click here

  • Remember to wash your hands regularly, wear a mask in public areas, in shops and banks. Keep at least 2 metres distance between yourself and others.

  • If you develop symptoms self isolate for 10 days and get a test. 

  • Protect people who are very vulnerable by limiting contact, but remember to maintain communication by phone or the internet. We all need to be in touch with others. Our mental health is very important.

  • Eat as well as you can with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Stay hydrated as dehydration can be very serious in people living with neuro.

  • Get as much rest and sleep as you need.

  • Try to stay active and keep up your interests.