The Brain

Is an amazing piece of kit.

It powers everything we do, say, think and create. It's the engine that drives every muscle, organ, cell and nerve.

It keeps us going when other organs fail.

Without it we can't function.

But it's also, the most misunderstood.

We know only a fraction of its capabilities and we marvel when people with injured brains make such miraculous recoveries that the experts have no explanation for why.

Which possibly explains why neuro causes so many problems for those commissioning services to support people living with its many conditions, illnesses, injuries and disabilities.

So how can we help?

Maybe by explaining what the parts of the brain actually do.

Frontal Lobe : thinking, memory, behaviour and movement

Parietal Lobe : language and touch

Temporal Lobe : hearing, learning and feelings

Occipital Lobe : sight

Brain stem : breathing, heart rate and temperature

Cerebellum : balance and coordination


Which explains why even a small bump on the head can make us dizzy, feel sad or very unwell. It also helps us to understand why conditions like Acquired Brain Injury can have such wide reaching symptoms and effects.

So what is neuro?