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Care and support in the community

Many people living with neuro need help in and outside of their home environment. Getting the care and support that you need should be straight forward but increasingly we find that it isn't.

Some CCGs and councils don't appear to know the rules and that leaves people with inappropriate or in some cases no support at all.


What you can do :

  • Arrange care and support for your person by paying privately

  • Contact Adult Social Services or your Integrated Health and Social Care Team to ask them for a needs assessment and apply for part or wholly funded social care - a care package

  • Ask if you need a social worker or a Health and Social Care Advisor if you believe you do insist that your person is considered for one to one support

  • Contact your NHS CCG and ask if they will be involved in your person's community care

  • Ask about applying for CHC, a Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget

  • Ask if your person will need their clinician to apply for an IFR

  • Ask for a Carer's Assessment if you are a carer or your person has a carer

  • Contact the Community Neuro Team for your NHS Trust if this hasn't happened after discharge from hospital or diagnosis

  • Speak to your GP practice and ask who your person's named GP is and who will manage their healthcare needs through primary care

  • Ask about prevention medicine for you and your person EG Flu Jab

  • Be clear about who will administer medications to your person and which - if any - have to be given by a professional IE Testosterone injection

  • Ask about any identification or special card that your person may need to carry EG the blue Steroid card

  • Make sure you know who will prescribe your person's medication and how you will receive it IE specialist courier

  • Apply for any benefits or allowances that you and your person may be entitled to

  • Use our directory to find out about charities and voluntary organisations around Greater Manchester that offer support