Personal Health Budgets

Want one? Got one? Or no idea what we're talking about?

Personal Health Budgets have been around for a while but the number of people who actually have one is not very high. So do you know what they are, have you been offered one, have you been refused a PHB or would you simply like to find out more?

" I have a PHB and I love it! I choose who provides my care and I'm involved at every stage. There's been some teething problems especially with the money but it will work out I'm sure. I feel in control for the first time in a long while. "

" We have been left with a bill for £1700 after the CCG took more than a year to set up a PHB. They now refuse to refund the money even though they promised they would. Every time I want to ask a question there's no-one to talk to me and I've had no choice in getting rid of a therapist who was doing nothing for the money they charged. I'm not impressed."

" I don't know what a PHB is. I asked when I saw it on social media but my social worker said I wouldn't get one because I didn't qualify. She also said that even if I did there wasn't anyone in charge of them to do the work. I want to know more because it sounds great. "

" I was told that as I receive Continuing Health Care I qualify for a Personal Health Budget. My CCG case manager explained that it was my chance to choose how my care and support was delivered. That was 12 months ago and I'm still waiting. "

" My wife has very complex neuro problems and our CCG and local authority struggle to identify her needs. A PHB seemed the answer but she's recently had her CHC withdrawn with no real explanation and now she doesn't qualify. We haven't been involved in discussions and I'm told a panel made the decision. Her medical team are mystified. I am really fed up. "

" My husband gets CHC and it's a nightmare they review him every 3 months even though they know he's not going to improve... I'm so sick of fighting that I'm reluctant to risk anymore cockups by asking about PHBs I'm sure it would be the answer to our problems with therapists and rubbish PAs but I just can't be bothered. "

" I'm newly diagnosed and asked my GP about CHC and PHBs. He looked at me and shrugged saying that even though it's been given to GPs to sort out not many of them know much about it and the system means they don't have enough time to sort it out. He suggested I go to a charity for help. The publicity about 'how easy it all is' makes me furious! "

" I'm very angry at the publicity about PHBs. They're not easy to get they don't solve all your problems and it's not easy to get information. I have a PHB but no one told me. I only found out when social services did a review and financial assessment and revealed that my Physio was being funded by a notional budget PHB. I still have no idea what that means, my carer has had no training and I got no choice in the Physio."

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