As a community we're well used to self care and managing with limited resources. Many of us live with conditions that are isolating.

If a person is told they must stay in the place where they live and 'self isolate' it may be difficult for many in our community EG if they have carers or live in a care home. However patients and their carers must protect themselves and each other.

Carers must keep themselves protected from infection. Click here for advice from Carers UK

If a person lives in a care home this will be managed by those in charge.

If a person receives a care package and their support is interrupted or lost contact with the local authority must be made as a matter of urgency.

The Government has made big changes to health and social care through the Coronavirus Act 2020

Click here to read about this

Click here to read about the changes affecting CHC funding and social care.

These are difficult times but it's also an opportunity to help yourself - even if you need support to do that.

Here's our guide to helping yourself


If you have symptoms of COVID-19 then you must stay in your home and preferably in a room away from others for 14 days.

Anyone living with you must also stay in your home and away from you for 14 days.

Do not share food or drink.

Do not share bowls, cups etc. or cutlery.

Do not share towels or face cloths.

Launder all clothes and towels etc. as soon after use as possible.

Do not accept deliveries, takeaways or things that others have brought for you unless the person leaves it at the door. 

Wipe everything and wash your hands straight after bringing it into your home.

If your carers are still working keep a safe distance wherever possible.

Ask your local authority/ NHS for protective equipment for people who work and live with you in your home.

You may have to supply this yourself.