Neuro Patience 2019 - 09 July 2019

Today saw the publication of the latest patient survey and report from the Neurological Alliance. It confirms that after many years of hard work and campaigning for change, people living with neuro are still waiting for improvements to treatment and care. The findings are described as "shocking" with many patients, their carers and families asking why neuro isn't a priority for the government and NHS England.

It details lengthy waiting times of up to 52 weeks in some parts of England; including Gtr Manchester and a postcode lottery for support and services.

Deb Troops from the GMNA says “Here in Gtr Manchester we’re better served than many parts of the country but we still have long waiting times and poor service delivery depending on where you live. The time for change is now and we need to make neurological patients as much of a priority for the government as those living with other life long conditions. Our people suffer from a lack of appropriate care and treatment, access to funding and support and a real misunderstanding of what it means to live with a brain that is injured or affected by illness. Our carers are more likely to be isolated and our people left in hospital when they should be at home. The GMNA is calling for a joined up approach to neuro that truly meets need and promotes achievable self management.”

You can read the report by clicking here