Get help our kid

It's really important that if you're ill you still seek advice from your GP or if necessary go to A&E.

Many of our people live with conditions that can escalate very quickly. We're hearing that some are worried about "wasting NHS time" because they're not sure what to do.

We also know that many are afraid of putting themselves into situations that might cause them to be exposed to COVID19. 

Click here for NHS UK's advice on what to do if you're ill and living with an existing condition that isn't considered by the NHS to be very high risk

Click here if you're in the very high risk group

Regardless of what group you're in or whether the NHS has sent you a letter you must get help if you're unwell. Don't risk your symptoms getting worse.

  • Call your GP practice

  • Call NHS 111

  • Dial 999 and go to A&E


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