Nutrition and hydration

Getting the right amount of fluid and nutrition into our bodies is essential for good neuro health.

Even though the brain represents only 2% of an adult’s weight it uses 20% of a body's energy. If energy levels are too low, people may experience memory problems, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. For some it can be more serious leading to seizure and even death.

So making sure that people get the right amount of vitamins and minerals especially if they're on a soft or special diet is very important.

It's also vital that you don't become dehydrated. It can happen to anyone but some people living with neuro are particularly at risk. Click here to learn more about this from NHS England

COVID-19 has changed the way some people receive their dietary and nutritional care from community teams. We are concerned about the changes and are working with the Neurological Alliance to address this.

If you or your person is PEG fed and you are asked to manage this as part of your care please make sure you take guidance and instruction from your treating clinicians.

Please do not make changes to your hydration and nutrition if it is clinically managed without taking medical advice. Also please do not start a new diet or diet for the first time without speaking to your GP.


But what can you do to help yourself? Click here

We find that people are more likely to try and make a change, if food and drink is easy to prepare and tastes good.

We've worked with Saddleworth Cookery School and the NHS to support you with choosing, preparing and cooking food for fuel. We also have a green smoothie.

Please take responsibility for you and your person's health by checking that ingredients and textures are suitable for the person eating and drinking them.

Please supervise any person who needs support to cook, eat and drink.