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"COVID-19 is a new illness... It's caused by a virus called coronavirus."

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Advice from UK Government on social distancing and protecting older and vulnerable people

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Advice for people who provide unpaid care to others IE Carers

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Guidance for people who receive care via a Direct Payment

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Our community is considered high risk and it is important to know that some people do not show any clear symptoms. Some of our people may not present with clear symptoms because of their complex condition/s. Growing numbers of people are reporting symptoms not on the NHS England and UK Government list. We know that there are many others who are suffering 'waxing and waning' and have had periods of illness for many weeks.

We recommend that you consider reporting your symptoms on the C-19 Covid Symptom Study App. This gives people the chance to report a wider range of symptoms and illness on a daily basis and allows King's College London to provide information to the NHS.

Symptoms regularly reported to us include :

  • headaches that persist, are very painful and often behind the eyes

  • stomach upsets including Diarrhoea and vomiting

  • skin tingles and burning

  • chronic pain in muscles and bones

  • rashes on the scalp, feet and hands

  • bladder pain and incontinence

  • sore throat

  • feeling weak and confused

  • poor sleep and extreme fatigue

We remain very concerned that many people living with neuro weren't included in the NHS England 'particularly high risk' list.

If you are considered at particularly high risk you will have been contacted and told that you no longer need to shield. For many in our community there is still confusion around this so if you feel safer then keep shielding, but please take care of your mental health, reach out for support and conversation and if you need help ask for it.

For those happy to stop shielding please follow the government's advice :

  • Don't go into shops or the pharmacy

  • Don't go out more than once a day

If you haven't been contacted and you have any concerns seek advice from your treating clinician or specialist team. You can also contact individual charities and organisations supporting our community.

There's also important information for people living with Endocrine issues and regularly taking steroids Click here


Friends we can get through this. We believe that the neuro community is well used to self care and managing with limited resources.

So let's help ourselves stay safe and well Click here


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