Coronavirus Act 2020

The Government has made big changes to how the NHS and local authorities manage health and social care during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is sensible but has implications for patients, their families and carers. Some of them very serious.

Despite the statement from the BMA, CQC and RCGP we're still hearing that groups of patients are being asked to sign Do Not Resuscitate and ResPECT forms and of care homes that have invited GPs in to discuss DNRs with elderly and vulnerable people. Sometimes without their families or carers being involved or even notified. This is very worrying as we don't believe any group is less entitled to critical care than any other. 

There's also increased reporting from patients and carers that the Care Act 2014 and its 2018 amendment is being sidelined to meet demands on services and workforce.

We don't believe this is right.

Vulnerable, sick and disabled people have fought for many years to gain the rights they have and this is not the time to take them away.

We accept that the dying and critically ill must come first but there has to be a reasonable time limit on the new government powers and people already receiving health and social care must not be abandoned.

Please join us in making sure that the Coronavirus Act 2020 is fair - for everyone.

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