Transfer of in-patient neuro services

Monday 02 October 2017 we have raised and shared your concerns over the announcement that Trafford Hospital is the preferred option for the Wigan and Bolton Clinical Commissioning Groups after the Taylor Unit is closed.

Over the weekend we have been contacted by many people who did not know about the public consultations and believe they haven't been involved in the process. Some of those are the families of patients currently served by the Taylor Unit. This is extremely worrying.

We have made clear to both CCGs that we don't believe the public consultation was publicised widely enough and that there is a serious danger of many peoples views not being taken into account.

If we are to provide an efficient, effective new service then it's imperative that patients and service users their carers and supporters be involved at the earliest stage.

We have also been contacted by staff who are concerned about a 50 bed "super site". They say that in their opinion there isn't enough specialist staff to support the work and that staff feel pressured to travel away from their homes and their own caring responsibilities. Some have said they will have to leave a job they love.

When there are already serious shortages in the NHS workforce it is important we don't lose anymore people and have urged the CCGs to consider this point very seriously.

We have offered the GMNA as a resource to engage with the wider neuro community.

We will meet with the CCGs as soon as possible and ask them to review the closure of public consultation and facilitate another opportunity to discuss the issues.

If we are successful we urge you to support our neuro community and make your voice heard.

From Taylor Unit to Trafford Hospital