I'm a professional care provider but also carer to my husband. Both jobs are very hard but I can honestly say that when I'm paid to look after someone I don't feel the same obligation or emotional attachment.

What I mean is that when I see a person's care plan I'm clear about what my role is and what I have to do. If I can't do something I tell my boss and usually they back me. They're so aware of being sued if things go wrong and also there's strict limits on our time and input.

Once we would assist with meds and stuff but now we don't. If a person doesn't have anyone to do it they have to be prompted - repeatedly. I've never left someone who hasn't taken their meds but I know people do. This is dangerous and something that worries me.

I work with people who've had their hours cut and I don't know what happens when we don't go in. I'm told that the families have to provide more natural support but as a carer myself I can tell you that most of us sleep with one eye open and don't take care of ourselves properly.

I also wonder why when there's laws to protect carers they're ignored? If the law is in place how can councils and CCGs cut so many corners and even break it? If I do that I get into serious trouble so why don't they?

My husband has benign brain tumours which bring all sorts of added health problems and disabilities. We've applied for CHC ( Continuing Health Care) several times but we haven't been successful. Apparently he's stable and predictable. I don't know who decided that but I can tell you they're wrong. I regularly have to ring in sick because he's had a fall or he's not well. I know I could lose my job but I think I'd be better off on benefits anyway.

The government does not look after carers and it doesn't appreciate them. Not the ones who do it for free or the ones who choose it as a job.