The Coronavirus Act 2020 has changed how benefits are assessed EG Universal Credit

There are no longer any face to face interviews or assessments.

There are long waits to speak to someone on the telephone and many more people trying to make a claim.

Claiming benefits when you aren't able to work is something many people have to do. There are lots of different types of benefits and allowances and it's important to know which ones you may be eligible for.  Click here to find out more about benefits

The process can be daunting and take a long time but don't be put off. If there's not enough money coming in then benefits are there to help. 

Use these benefit checkers to find out if you can make a claim 

If you're eligible, apply as soon as possible and make sure that when you're speaking to someone on the phone, or filling in forms and paperwork you have all your information to hand.

Set aside plenty of time and if you're using an online application save as you go.

Take charge of your application by staying in touch with the DWP if things are taking too long.

The DWP has a separate section of its website for benefits and allowances for disabled people and carers click here

Find out more about benefits for people over 65

Find out more about benefits for people under 65


What to do if you can't get benefits

There are charities and organisations that give free advice and support. They can help with restructuring finances and making sure that you have all the support you need.

We recommend speaking to Citizen's Advice and your local Healthwatch to find the right help for you and your circumstances.

Click here for CAB

Click here for Healthwatch

They can also help you with support to fill in forms and appeal decisions.

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